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Book Review – Buying a New Epilator

unwanted hairLooking for an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair from your skin? Today we have something for you. The epilators can be your ultimate solution to make your legs look sexier and beautiful. If you have not tried epilation before, I recommend a book about Unwanted Hair Removal to all women out there. Whether you are a celebrity or not, the book will teach you the best and effective steps of removing unwanted hair by use of epilators.

If you are new to the world of epilation, it might be a daunting task when finding the perfect epilator. Therefore, I will share a few tips to help you when buying a new epilator.

Buying a New Epilator

Probably, many women will look for epilator reviews before purchasing one. It is not a bad idea, but you are likely to get confused along the way. This is because most of them are good, and you may be overwhelmed when it comes to making a final decision. So, this guide will help you find the best brand new epilator that fits your needs.

Wet or dry epilation

There are epilators for dry and wet skin, and you can choose according to what you think is best for your needs. Epilation tends to work best when done on dry skin, but this is considered as a traditional method. The newest epilators can work on wet skin such as during shower. These models for wet epilation have been introduced to reduce pain, as well as getting rid of the unwanted hair completely. In addition to less pain epilation, these epilators are cordless and can be used from anywhere including the bathroom or bedroom. Once the epilator is used, it can be cleaned using water without risk of damaging its internal parts – it is water-resistant.

Corded, rechargeable, or battery operated

epilatorEpilators come in different options. There are corded, rechargeable and battery operated. Corded models use a cord that is connected to mains so that you can start epilation, and then unplug once you have finished the process. The rechargeable models are recharged prior to epilation, and the reliable ones can be used for the entire process without draining power if they were fully charged. The battery-operated models use non-rechargeable batteries, which are replaced whenever they dry up. The best options are the rechargeable ones because you don’t need to worry about battery replacement. Also, you can epilate comfortably without the hectic task of moving a cord side-to-side. However, rechargeable epilators are more expensive. They are best if you want to epilate regularly without frustrations of the cord or batteries.

The number of tweezers

Epilating for the first time may take more time, but the subsequent epilations will take a relatively shorter time because you are already used to it. If you have more tweezers, you will take less time to finish the process. This implies you will be removing more hairs at once. There is some pain involved, but the pain will not last long once you are done. Therefore, get more tweezers for quick epilation. This is vital for those on tight time schedules.


painEpilation can be somehow painful, especially if you have never used an epilator before. The plucking action of the hair from the root is what makes the process painful, but you can reduce it through these three additional features. First, a sensitive area cap is used on sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini areas. Second, a shaver cap is used when you want to epilate on dry skin. Third, a facial cap is specifically used for removing unwanted hair from the face.

Body parts to epilate

A typical epilator is used mostly to remove unwanted hair on the legs. However, it can be used in other areas. You just need to identify the area you want to epilate before buying your new epilator. For instance, bikini or underarm areas are pain-sensitive and you will need a sensitive area head or cap to epilate those areas. For epilating the hard-to-reach areas, consider buying a smaller epilator. However, you can buy those epilators with skin contour adaptation features for a more comfortable epilation process.

Other features

Check if the epilator has a speed adjustable feature. This allows you to adjust speed according to the thickness of the hair. For instance, leg hair thickness is different from underarm hair thickness. Another feature is the light function to allow you to see easily in case some hair has been left behind. Lastly, choose a quieter epilator, but this may vary from one model to another.

In conclusion, the price of epilators may vary depending on a particular brand. However, the best epilator should have additional features for better performance. Check out www.smoothskinlab.com for the top epilators on the market. The more the features, the more you are likely to pay. But remember, you get what you pay for!

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