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Book Review – Curling Iron

curlingIf you want to equalize every bit of your personality, curling your hair is the way to go. It makes you look bold and approachable, not to mention how easy people will spot you from a crowd. Curly hair rocks and that is why many people including youngsters will keep staring at you. This will definitely tell you something – you look pretty and gorgeous! Having a curly hair has many things to offer. First and foremost, it will complement your overall outfit. Yes, even those earrings you think they don’t match.

I will recommend a book about Curling Hair, which gives you the unbiased facts about staying with a curly hair. In addition, the book will give you tips and tricks to achieve the best out of it. It is all about simplicity and keeping on top of the fashion. You don’t need those expensive straightening treatments anymore. Why continue burning your neck with those straightening irons and putting different products on your head? All you need is a new curling iron and create your own style. The time is now. Stop all that drama of finding beauty.

Buying a New Curling Iron

Iron curling tools come in different sizes and shapes. They are most versatile and commonly used to help you create a wide variety of hair looks. It doesn’t matter whether you have natural or homemade curls because the tools will enhance your hair depending on what you want. As per Thebeautilab experts, the choice of a top curling tool is generally based on the different options available. To make an informed decision, you need to understand the distinct options and then choose what best suits your needs.

Here are the options and tips to help you when buying a new curling iron;

  1. Spring Curling Ironspring curling iron

These are the most popular and easy to use curling tools. They are best suitable for beginners or for those that have never used any of the curling tools before. They feature a clip or spring-action handle so that the user can firmly hold it on hair and make a perfect styling. For easy styling, use the thumb to control the hair sections while you work on it. These spring curling irons come in a wide variety of barrel sizes to choose from.

  1. Clipless Curling Iron

These curling tools have a learning curve before you master how to use them effectively. However, you get the best curling options once you understand how to use them. Whether you want Milano or Enzo models, it is recommended to buy those that provide steady heat across the barrel in order to create long-lasting curling style. These tools prevent damage to the hair ends because the hair is wrapped around the barrel last. Since they have no clamps, your hair will wrap around the barrel to ensure no creases. They are capable of styling long hairs, and create very appealing curls. You can opt for those that come with heat proof to protect your fingertips.

  1. Marcel Curling Iron

marcelFor many years, the Marcel curling irons have been used by professional stylists. They have two handles for outstanding styling control, as well as quick curl creation. The additional handle makes it a sophisticated curling tool, and many find it difficult to learn how to use it properly. However, it can be quite ideal for regular users. They also feature professional grade materials and hot temperatures, which give high-quality results.

  1. Spiral Curling Iron

These are also referred to as ribbon curling irons. The barrel has raised ridges which guide hair round and round for perfect spiral creation. They are quick and simple to make attractive ribbons and spiral curls. If you have voluminous hair, a tapered model can be ideal to reach the roots and make the curls look romantic and broad.

  1. Double and Triple Curling Irons

doubleThe double and triple curling tools are used to create waves, and that is why they are simply referred to as ‘wavers’. The double models make loops with a figure-eight shape, while triple ones compress the hair into stream-like waves. You can work on a bigger section of the hair at once, hence fast for styling.

Lastly, it is important to understand the different types of barrels when buying a new curling iron tool. This is because the barrel determines the size and shape of the hair curl, and how it will appear. For those with shorter hair or short hair layers, a 1inch or smaller barrel is recommended so that the hair can wrap around it appropriately. For longer hair, a larger barrel can be used. However, there are curling tools with interchangeable barrels. These offer a variety of uses on different hair sizes, as well as allowing you to create hair curls in a more fun manner.

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