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Book Review – Healthy Lawn

amazing backyard

The dewy morning scent emitted by the grass makes you start your day with full energy and complete determination. I fact, lawns are designed to shine delightfully under the sun throughout the day to eliminate the bleak appearance of the lumpy concrete blocks. And when the evening comes, it is the grass that adds a gratifying atmosphere to the darkness of the night. That eye-catching, green carpet requires a lot of attention to stay healthy. What may seem a difficult task needs not more than some arrangements to make it an enjoyable hobby. Here are the most important tips to follow to maintain a healthy Lawn.

What Does a Good Backyard Requires?

  1. Deep watering:

amazing backyardWatering does not mean holding the hose day and night sprinklings light water on the grass surface. Nor does it mean that the grass must be drowned with a flood of heavy water, most of which goes into drains. Your lawn benefits the most from letting water slowly and smoothly reach the depth of the soil (four to five inches down), something that allows the roots to grow deeper and stronger. The purpose of watering is not the frequent repetition; if it’d done professionally, it is rather sufficient to water the lawn once or twice a week. Perfect watering leads the grass to absorb as many minerals and nutrients from the soil and protect it from collapsing under the footfalls and weather conditions.

  1. Mow the grass professionally:

The first rule is never to mow wet grass as it results in an uneven cut. Wet grass causes the mowing machine to clog or jam. Preferably, you need to mow the top soft, leafy part of the grass (the top one-third). To do that, of course, you need to keep the blades of your lawnmower as sharp as possible. Moreover, alternating cutting patterns helps the grass to stay vertical and protect it from being knocked down. Another tip, leave grass clippings (the small pieces) fall into the lawn to decompose them. This provides a sort of fertilizer.

  1. Fertilization:

One of the signs that indicates a healthy grass is the tendency to show a darker degree of green; the darker the green is, the higher the quality should be. The ability of grass to resume growth and resilience in various climatic conditions results from applying the right fertilizers and herbicides. As for applying the fertilizer, it is not difficult to carry out this job. First, you need to choose the appropriate type by asking the seller or by reading the instruction and use information on the package. Owning a fertilizer spreader will make this task a no-brainer. For ideal results, fertilize your lawn twice or three times every growing season. It’s worth mentioning that some people use kitchen and garden wastes for fertilizing the grass.

  1. Don’t allow weeds or insects to invade your lawn:

From time to time, you feel anxietıous due to insects and crawlies other pests that can cause significant damage to your plants and flowers, and your lawn as well. So, you need to protect your plants from those devastating pests and stop them from roaming freely in your garden. Furthermore, weeds and other malicious vegetation always try to attack your turf. Eradicating those weeds is a must to maintain healthy grass. Although chemical pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides can solve the problem, they are usually not environmentally friendly, and often contain harmful chemicals that may cause poisoning. Fortunately, natural pesticides can help control garden pests without damaging plants or soil. This task is also easy as far as you follow the instructions and the protective measures cloths. Mind you, that many fertilizer spreader types can do this job too.

  1. Aerate your yard and help it breathe:

It is not easy to maintain a green carpet of healthy grass. We only see the blades on the surface of the grass, but the health of any cultivated grass depends on factors that operate underground. During the growing season in spring and autumn seasons, experts generally recommend ventilating the soil underneath the grass as a way to ensure enough air, moisture, and nutrients the roots require.

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