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Book Review – Men’s Hairstyles

barber shopIf you regularly visit professional barber shops, you have noticed they have very reliable hair clippers. They are specifically designed to make a perfect hair cut, and that is why most hair stylists have them for individual home use. Picking a professional hair clipper depends on various things including your personal preference and budget. The book about Men’s Hairstyle highlights tips and tricks to choosing the right hair clipper, as well as other information about hair cut styles.

A number of men have hair clippers at homes, but a few of the devices do not offer the best cutting experience. Other folks may have made wrong choices when buying new clippers. Whether you are looking for high-quality trimmers for your hair or beard, you are not far from getting what you want. There are professional grade clippers for home use. You can get at your prices as long as you know what to look at, and where to look for. Basically, the way towards getting the right hair clippers is by first identifying the qualities of a good hair clipper.

The best and reliable hair clippers are designed to perform a variety of things, and therefore you need to understand your needs before buying one. If you refer to the guide book about Men’s Hairstyle, you will definitely get the precise hair clippers for your individual use. So, this article outlines a few tips to help you avoid mistakes when buying new hair clippers.

Buying a New Hair Clipper

Cost and budget

hair clipperObviously, the quality of hair clippers differs from one trimmer to another. This is one of the many reasons as to why they are sold at different prices despite the fact that they look alike. The price may range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, but it will depend on the quality and the additional accessories included in the package. First, check the price of a trimmer, and then examine what is included in the unit. However, don’t over rely on price or a particular brand. This is because there are cheaper clippers with more power and come with several attachments. Ensure you stay within your budget since you can get a reliable clipper suitable for your financial plan.

Weight and maneuverability of the hair clipper

If you want to use your new hair clipper more often, then this feature is worth considering. Many folks are likely to overlook it because all clippers appear small enough to manipulate, but you will realize the strain once you start using it. Trimming your back hair might be tedious because your hand is stretching so hard to reach all the corners. You will notice that the wrist is straining, and perhaps you will need someone to offer assistance. For those that want to use their hair clippers to trim kids’ hair too, then you need a lightweight model. It is a matter of buying a trimmer that is easy to maneuver and lift without stressing your hand. It is even better to spend more money on a lightweight trimmer because you will save more time in the long run.

Power of the hair clipper

best hair clippers 1A powerful hair clipper is ideal for cutting as it glides through the hair easily. Professional barbers use clippers with powerful motors since they reduce the number of strokes required to complete work on the entire head and beard. It cuts more hairs in every single stroke, hence saving time. Even the tangled hairs with knots can be cut with ease without causing noise on the blades. A hair clipper with a powerful motor will perform a more tidy, precise, and fast job.

Cordless or corded

There are cordless and corded clippers to choose from. The corded models are most commonly used in barber shops simply because they are constantly in use. Even though a number of people use them at home, cordless ones are the most recommended trimmers for home use. This is because the user will not be confined to do everything near a mains socket. In addition, the cordless models can be rinsed under water in case some hairs are trapped within the blades. Since they come with a charging station, they are easy to carry while traveling on long vacations.


The new hair clippers come with accessories in the unit’s box. It does not matter if the clipper is cheap or expensive. You should first check if there are enough accessories in the box before purchasing. Some expensive brands do not include a few of the accessories so that the users can return to buy them separately at high prices. Therefore, you can opt to buy from ‘generous’ brands that include all the necessary accessories. Some of the accessories include different sizes of guide combs, lubricating oils, cleaning brushes, and blade guards.

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