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Book Review – Playing Piano

learn 2Playing piano is one of the best ways to spend your free time. But this can only be alright if you have an interest in musical instruments because there is a sharp learning curve before mastering. Learning to play piano is not an easy thing, especially if you don’t have a guide. That is why regular contact with an instructor is vital so that you can track your progress, and improve in various areas along the way.

What if you don’t have time to attend piano lessons? Many people opt for online tutorials, though they are not very effective if you are a beginner. So, why don’t you get a book about Playing Piano and learn on your own even when at home? The book contains every guide from basic playing tips to advanced tactics for experienced pianists. Once you have a reliable source to guide you through, you will have already taken a step towards knowing piano playing. However, it is not that easy. Don’t worry; I am just challenging the piano enthusiasts like you.

It is a matter of perception and mindset. Of course, you have been dreaming one day you will be a pro. The vision is valid and one time you can be a star, and even be able to compose your own songs. You just need the motivation to endure through the learning process. Your motivation will definitely come from the guide book. This is because it is easier to learn without getting too much pressure from some instructors. Piano lessons allow you to interact with other learners, but there is no guarantee of getting what you want. It is a matter of doing things in the right way, as pointed out in the guide book.

learnNow that I believe you will make use of the guidebook, I will not stop at this point. It is worth noting that not every piano will fit your needs. There are all types of pianos in the market today, from very cheap to most expensive models. I don’t say you must pay a high amount of money to get the best piano, but you should avoid those bogus instruments streaming into the market on daily basis. Basically, the features of a piano should be the very first things you need to understand before buying one.

Buying a Piano

The following are the things to consider when buying a new digital piano;

Number of tones

learn 3Due to the fact that many pianos come with different tones, this does not mean that a new piano is an original model. Remember, I have warned against fake pianos circulating in the market. If the piano is a hoax, the sounds or notes will diminish over time and eventually you will be left with a few core sounds. Before buying a new piano, test it against another original one to ensure that the sounds match well. The keyboard of an authentic piano should have smooth sound and a commendable full sound. If the piano has low sound level than an original one, avoid it and look for another seller. You should understand the difference between a noisy piano and a high volume piano. Avoid an instrument that makes a low-quality sound.

Touch response

The keys of a piano are generally resistance when pressed, and this is the basic feature of all pianos. For several decades, acoustic pianos have been widely used because they produce high-quality sound. However, the introduction of digital pianos came with fine improvement on the key touch response whereby the keys are fully weighted to improve the user experience. The originally graded hammer action feature is retained in order to reflect the conventional acoustic pianos. Due to the touch response feature, the new digital pianos can sense velocity difference that establishes the volume of every note. Therefore, you need to check if the keys are fully weighted before buying a new piano. In addition, examine if the instrument has volume controls for adjusting the volume output when required.


polyponyAccording to piano experts, it is advisable to buy a piano with at least 32-note polyphony. The polyphony of a piano is the total number of tones a piano can play at once. The higher the polyphony, the more the piano is able to offer complex playing options. For beginners, a 64-note polyphony piano is enough because you don’t need too much while learning. However, you don’t need to buy another piano in future. If you have the cash to buy a high-end model such as a 264-note polyphony piano, go for it. Even though its initial cost is high, you will realize its benefits over time because you will not need an additional piano to play complex tones.

External connections and displays

If you are buying a home piano, consider a unit with inbuilt speakers and amplifier. For musicians, a piano with external outputs to connect recording consoles and PA systems is the best pick. For beginners, the chords displays are essential. This is because you can see the chords being played and the lighting displays help you to learn faster.

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