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Book Review – Teeth Care

oral hygenieMaintaining your oral hygiene is essential for the overall body health. When you have a fresh breath and white smile, you boost your confidence even when talking to somebody at a close range. It is one of the things that reflect your personal health. It starts with dental care because the bad odor is mainly caused by dirty teeth.

Given the introduction of new electric toothbrushes, you can now enhance your brushing experience. You can also read the book about Teeth Care in order to get detailed information on how to take care of your teeth. Many people may have heard about electric toothbrushes, but they lack sufficient information about how to get the best models. Read more on www.gethealthyteeth.com

Buying a New Electric Toothbrush

Do you need a rechargeable or battery operated?

There are two options of electric toothbrushes; rechargeable and battery operated. The choice of toothbrush depends on what you want, as well as your budget. The rechargeable models are charged through a power mains socket. It is advisable to fully charge them before use so that they can last longer. They are more expensive than battery-operated toothbrushes. The battery-powered models use non-rechargeable batteries, and therefore they require replacement once the batteries dry up. If you don’t need frustrations of batteries, rechargeable versions are the best option. However, you can opt for battery-operated models if you are on a tight budget.

What is your budget?

electric toothbrushElectric toothbrushes are becoming popular in the market worldwide. Their prices range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, and therefore you can buy according to your budget. Even those low priced ones are ideal for your brushing needs, even though they come with fewer features compared to expensive models. Both rechargeable and battery operated have separate heads, making them suitable for changing heads based on bristles you want. In addition, more users can share the body because it can fit different heads. If you cannot afford several toothbrushes for the entire family, a replaceable head toothbrush can be a better selection.

Do you want toothbrushes with replaceable heads or non-replaceable heads?

I will recommend a non-replaceable head toothbrush because every member of your family will have total control of his or her own asset. Again, we handle things differently. Maybe you want your toothbrush to stay as brand new. If the budget does not allow, you can buy a shared body. The thing to put in mind is the kind of bristles everyone needs. Some want stiffer bristles while others want softer ones. Depending on each individual’s taste, ensure they get what they want. If you have kids, probably you will not share a single body. This is because they want a smaller size to hold and grab easily. They also need smaller heads to fit into their mouth properly. More importantly, it is advisable to change the head after every 3 to 6 months.

Are you buying for adults or kids?

If you are buying an electric toothbrush for you and your partner, a brush with a larger head is perfect. However, you should ask your spouse if she or he needs softer or stiffer bristles. In case you have different preferences, let each own individually. If the budget doesn’t allow, buy two different heads and a common body to share both of you. For the kids, things are different. If you want to encourage them to brush their teeth regularly, electric toothbrushes will do the trick. These brushes do not require manual rotation while brushing, and therefore kids will find it easier and fun to brush more often. Before buying for kids, ensure that the body of the brush is smaller enough for them.

Does it have an indicator light?

benefitsBoth rechargeable and battery-operated electric toothbrushes should have an indicator light. This is to notify the user when recharging is needed or when batteries are running low. This will allow you to plan for recharging or buying new batteries before the next brushing time. Avoid toothbrushes without this feature because you may be inconvenienced in the near future.

Does it have a brushing timer?

Most of us know the ideal brushing period, usually at least two minutes. However, we normally exceed this time. This can have an impact on your gums because continued bristles’ abrasive action might scratch your gums. Therefore, you need to check if a new electric toothbrush has a timer. It informs you when brushing time is over and also will tell you when to move the brush to another area.

Does it have a pressure sensor?

This is very important because your gums are delicate and can be damaged when too much pressure is exerted. The sensor will tell you if to reduce the pressure or when the movement action is higher than the recommended. A toothbrush without this feature is not ideal for the best brushing experience.

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