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Book Review – Wine Making

wine makingVine making process is not that easy, given the many steps and procedures involved before it gets ready for drinking. For more information, you can read a book about Vine Making to get a detailed description and other insights about wine keeping. Winemaking starts with the process of harvesting properly ripe grapes from the fields. It is done by either through machine-harvesting or by teams of pickers. The grapes are then transported to a winery for dispensation. Red wine is made from fermenting the grapes together with their skins while white wine is made from fermenting the juice after separating the skins.

If you are a wine lover, one of the most important things you need to understand is wine keeping. Wines are not just like any other liquor because they should be stored at a certain temperature, in a certain position to maintain the original quality. They deserve some special attention. That is why there are specialized wine fridges, also known as wine coolers for storing wines.

Buying a New Wine Fridge

Even though you can find many wine refrigerators in the market, not all are suitable for storing wine. When buying your new wine fridge, there are various things to consider. These include;

  1. Storage space and options

For those that want to store both reds and whites, a wine fridge with several compartments can be a better choice. This eliminates the frustrations of getting a specific bottle underneath other bottles. You can also consider buying a unit with different cooling zones so that you can store different wines at their required temperatures. Since there are a wide variety of wine brands that come in various bottle sizes, it is advisable to buy a unit with pull-out shelves to store different bottle sizes.

  1. Quality assurance

The high-end wine fridges have RemoteVision feature to monitor the functionality of the unit. Generally, the feature is to safeguard the quality of the wines. Whenever the unit develops a problem, the Wi-Fi-enabled feature alerts the manufacturer so that appropriate action can be taken the soonest as possible. Whether there is a problem with the door, humidity, temperature, or filter, the RemoteVision notifies the manufacturer immediately as long as the unit is connected to the internet. The shelves also should be spacious enough to hold all bottles on their sides. Wines must be stored on their sides so that the cork can prevent oxygen from leaking into the wine. Note that, a small amount of oxygen can destroy the quality of your wines.

  1. Adaptability

This is very important for every wine lover. Depending on what type of wines you want to store, you can choose to have a single zone wine fridge for just red or white wines. However, you can have the dual-zone model to store both types. The recommended unit is the dual-zone because you can store both wines. This is good for your guests with different wine preferences and tastes. Also, the dual-zone has different cooling zones for a variety of wines that require different temperatures.

  1. Size of the wine fridge

wine fridgeThe smallest recommended size of a wine fridge to have in your house is the 40-bottle model. This is ideal because you can store several bottles and leave a space for additional collection in the future. In addition to future expansion of your collection, you need to think about your guests. Visitors will want to come to your house if there is wine, and therefore it is important to buy a relatively larger wine fridge to store enough collection.

  1. Physical appearance

A well-designed wine fridge looks nice when in the house. It also reflects your personality, especially when friends are in the house. There are units with interior lighting to illuminate the bottles from inside. The light can be switched on and off, hence providing a suitable light when picking a bottle at night. You can also buy those with smoked glass for uniqueness. These ones are not very popular among wine lovers. Therefore make your wine keeping exceptional and stylish.

  1. Cost and budget

The choice of wine fridge will be determined significantly by its cost, as well as your budget. Always stay within the budget because there are reliable units available at your price. However, do not purchase the price. Check the features that make the fridge a good choice for your wine keeping needs.


If you are not on a tight budget, you can buy a high-end wine fridge with UV protected glass, remote control, and digital temperature adjustments. These types of wine fridges add more style in your house and the guests will appreciate it. They are not very commonly sold locally, but you can search from the established online retailers.

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