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Book Review- Dealing with Emergencies

What should I do in an emergency situation

Accidents, whether domestic or workplace, are the main cause of serious wounds and permanent injuries, and sometimes death. Most of these accidents are the result of unforeseen consequences that come from natural sources. Sometimes, human mistakes or personal ignorance can lead to a disaster. Therefore, preventative education and precaution measures, especially at home, are among the tasks that must be focused on for the sake of public safety and health.

What should I do in an emergency situation?


What should I do in an emergency situationFires are one of the most frequent household accidents, which require attention to preventive measures to avoid them and to avoid the physical and material damage that leaves them behind. The following steps should be followed: Read the manual for all electrical devices carefully, and keep all flammable objects such as flammable fabrics, paper, wood, plastic, and carpets away from electrical appliances so that the fire does not extend in case of an electric spark occurs.

Many cases of fire caused by the negligence of some people smoking in the bedrooms, or keeping the candles lit without supervision. Such fire accidents can be avoided by smoking in places where there is no combustible furniture such as the kitchen, and placing large dishes under candles so that they do not fall to the ground. Buying a fire extinguisher and taking courses on how to use it helps you react correctly and quickly. It is worth teaching everybody in the building how to put out fires. Extra precaution measures must be taken in case we have children around such as teaching them the basics of safety at home and school. Of course, all resources of fire must be out of the reach of children.

Electricity emergencies

Sometimes an unexpected electricity failure occurs. Sometimes the malfunction can be a more serious event in the case of an electricity outage. Whatever the situation is, you must first disconnect the electricity from the place, then check the technical condition of the main supply switches. If possible,  you need to check all the switches and sockets and electrical appliances plugged into electricity before trying to turn on the power again. If the electrical power does not return, contact the specialist technician immediately, as there may be an electrical fault. Never try to fix a malfunction or perform maintenance work yourself, as it may lead to a fire or dangerous electric shock.

In case of a fire caused by an electric spark, immediately cut off the power, either from the socket or from the main control switches, or disconnect the device the source of danger. Do not use water to extinguish the fire but fire extinguisher instead. If the fire is out of control and starts to extend, evacuate everyone immediately and call 911.

Any direct contact with any faulty electricity source may endanger your life. Therefore, it is important to be careful when someone experiences an electric shock in the sense that there must be no direct contact with him. Likely, you will also receive the shock. Immediately cut the power, either from the socket or from the main control switches. If this is not possible, use any insulated or made-of-wood tool and try to remove the contact between the power supply and the affected person. The longer the person exposed to electricity, the greater the risk to his life will be. Call the ambulance right away in cases of electric shock, even if the person looks fine.

Water emergencies

The condition of the pipes and water tank may be worn and may cause water to leak into your property. In some cases, a damaged water pipe may disintegrate and swamp the place with water in a short time. If your property is flooded, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the water and electricity supply from the main control switches to avoid any risk of electric shocks. This would help you stop the flood and prevent water contact with electricity. Contact a plumber to solve the problem and do not touch any wet electrical equipment.

Heavy rains or an accidental explosion of a big water pipe in the street may cause water to encroach into your home or the basement. Here, the safety of individuals is much more important than the safety of the property. However, if possible, it is important to save priceless and non-compensable items. It is worth noting that owning a sump pump is extremely worth its weight in gold. This machine is widely available in the market. Some sump pumps can be set automatically to pump water out in cases of flooding.


DrowningThere are thousands of deaths caused by drowning in domestic and public swimming pools, most of which are children. To avoid drowning accidents, it is recommended to take the following steps:

·      Install a solid pool fence with a suitable height to prevent children from climb over, and keeping the fence door tightly closed.

·      Do not leave the pool without supervision

·      Teach people, especially children, the correct basics of swimming, and the basics of using swimming tools properly.

·      Removing toys or any other obstacles as they can cover swimmers’ faces and expose them to suffocation.

·      Installing alarms specifically designed for pools to know if anyone has fallen in.


Many people have experienced choking as a result of swallowing harsh objects of swallowing food improperly. Your main mission here is to remove out any object blocking the airways of the person who is choking. Learning the principles of first aid for a person who suffocates due to a foreign body blocking his airways is considerably important. Mind you that the first aid is different in this regard; there is a special way to deal with an adult, a child, a small baby, or a pregnant woman.

Poisoning accidents

People of all ages are exposed to food poisoning because they love discovering all new food. Some poisoning accidents are caused by eating detergents and medicines, accidentally or deliberately. In the case of adults, nothing can be done but raising the awareness of street and uncovers food. Also, it is worth raising awareness of the way people should use detergents and medicine. In the case of children, please consider the following recommendations:

·      Keep cleaning products, medicines, cosmetics, and other chemicals tightly closed way from children.

·      Always check the expiry date of foods and beverages before letting children having them.

·      Please control the number of pieces your children eat as every food has an intake limitation before it turns into a poison inside the body.


Many people suffer from broken bones as a result of a slipping accident in the bathroom or kitchen. Therefore, the following steps must be taken to avoid them:

  • keep surfaces dry, and do not use slippery cleaning products.
  • Install safety handles and bars that allow you to hold on tight in case you lose your balance.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting so that everything can be visible.
  • Use non-slip shoes or slippers indoors if the tiles are slippery.
  • In case of a slippery floor, use a rug or carpet.
  • Periodic examination of the eyes and the change of glasses to avoid unclear vision.

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