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WW2 History:
  • Through a Canadian Periscope - The story of the Canadian Submarine Service
    URL: http://www.CanadianPeriscope.ca
  • Story of War - War diaries of an Indian Army officer turned RAF Spitfire pilot from the Far East, India and Europe, 1939-45
    URL: http://www.storyofwar.com
  • British Military History - This website covers the British Army and British Indian Army from 1930 until 1956, to include the Second World War.
    URL: http://www.britishmilitaryhistory.co.uk
  • Grand parents of ww2 - This site has been setup for those that are either starting on their journey to trace their grandparents role in the forces during world war 2, or those who have already found out information already and are willing to share the information and in turn maybe help somebody else on their quest.
    URL: http://grandparentsofww2.co.uk
  • enemy in the mirror - Human consciousness in Imperial Japan and USA from early 20th century through WW2
    URL: http://enemyinthemirror.wordpress.com
  • 152 (Hyderabad) Squadron - 152 (Hyderabad) Squadron Historical Record 1939 - 1967
    URL: http://www.152hyderabad.co.uk/
  • Ardennes 1944 - The batte of the bulge. The last major german offensive in the west in december 1944. Museums, monuments and recollections of veterans from both sides.
    URL: Http://ardennes.secondworldwar.nl
  • Oradour 10th June 1944 - The story of ther massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane in France, by the men of the Second Panzer Division Das Reich
    URL: http://www.oradour.info
  • Sgt. William Heller's World War II Memoirs - It is with pride that the men of the 3rd Infantry Division point to their record of combat,of campaigns, of landings,and of victories.
    URL: http://www.warfoto.com
  • NGA TOA - Nga Toa is dedicated to the collection of oral histories from New Zealand's war veterans. The main goal of Nga Toa is to preserve New Zealand's military history captured through the experiences of its soldiers
    URL: http://www.kiwiveterans.co.nz

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