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The latest World War 2 book and DVD reviews as they are released plus our great WW2 Links Directory
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WW2 Military Vehicles:
  • The DUKW: From World War II to Modern Duck Tours - A short piece about the DUKW's origins and its continuing use as a tourism vehicle
  • Wehrmacht vehicles - Webdirectory with links to websites about historic military vehicles of the German Reich used by the Reichswehr, Wehrmacht and other formations before and during World War II.
  • Shermans in Holland - Here you will find the Shermans which are still around in the Netherlands. In the Range target section you will see pictures of ex Dutch army Shermans, in use as range targets.
  • UMVC - Ulster Military Vehicle Club
  • MVT - Essex Area - Military Vehicle Trust - Essex Area
  • Military Vehicle Stencils - Military Vehicle Stencils from WW2 till the present
  • Jeep world - For All your Jeep Books and Manuals and Military Books and Manual. Visit our site today and ask for our FREE catalogue too!

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