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  • Forties Clothing Buyers Guide - Guidance for newcomers to the Re-Enactor scene who need help with what to buy and where to buy it from.
    URL: http://www.wadhamsfamilyhistory.co.uk/FortiesClothingBuyersGuide.htm
  • Battle of Iwo Jima Tribute - Tribute website to the battle of Iwo Jima. Complete with first hand accounts and stories from those who were there as well as re-told by family.
    URL: http://www.iwojimatribute.com
  • Dutch submarine Hr. Ms. O13 - On this site all information known about the dutch submarine O13 has been gathered. The sub, beeing one of the subs from the international 9th flotilla, was lost on its first patrol from Dundee somewhere in the Northsea
    URL: http://home.hccnet.nl/f.rienstra/Rienstra/O13%20startpagina%20en.html
  • Rougham control tower museum - The nerve centre of the 94th bomb group during world war 2 now a museum dedicated to those who served. Open from the first Sunday in May through to the last Sunday in October 10am - 4pm Free Entry. Anniversary open day 16th June Echoes of the Past Vintage weekend 10th 11th August
    URL: http://www.roughamcontroltowermuseum.com/
  • The 1940s - Information about the 1940s
    URL: http://www.1940s.org.uk
  • The Grassington 1940s Weekend - Information about the Grassington 1940s Weekend
    URL: http://www.grassington1940s.co.uk
  • The Wensleydale 1940s Weekend - Information about the Wensleydale 1940s Weekend
    URL: http://www.wensleydale1940s.co.uk
  • The Haworth 1940s Weekend - Information about the Haworth 1940s Weekend
    URL: http://www.haworth1940s.co.uk
  • Yanks are back in Saddleworth - Organizers of 1940's events
    URL: http://www.ww2events.co.uk
  • Company D - Debbie Lambert is a professional singer with over 10 years experience. Debbie can perform songs from the 30's, 40's and 50's including 'Songs from the Musicals' all of which can be tailored to your requirements.
    URL: http://www.company-d.co.uk/

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