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The Evolution of Car Accessories

Traction control

The Evolution of Car AccessoriesBack in the day cars didn’t have much. A steering wheel, fuel and water indicators and maybe a radio if it’s an expensive model. Today, cars are like moving toys for grown-up people. There are all kinds of accessories to make the driving more pleasant and easier. Over time, cars’ parts also became much different and better.

For example, as the body weight and speed of cars exceeded the standard, mechanics had to do something about the brakes too. They invented the ABS braking system to give more stopping power. Same happened with the tires, lights, bumpers, door mechanism, and everything we now take as normal on cars.

If we take the interior of cars we can conclude that same happened inside the cabin. Starting with the dashboard and ending with the rear glass sensors. Here are some of the most important and interesting accessories that evolution of cars made them available for every one of us. Read on and learn more.

Rain Detection

Rain Detection

Rain detectors are really cool. Back in the day cars didn’t even have wipers on their windshields, but after Cadillac insisted on having this rain sensor installed, now rain detectors are almost standard equipment. And think about it, it’s so easy to be installed, yet so useful.

Cruise control

Cruise control was invented in the late 1940’s but really took off a few decades later. Today, cruise control has evolved into something completely different. Some cars are able to “see” in front and behind them and control the speed and the movement of the vehicle. This way people are safer and don’t need to worry about accidental crashes. Still in prototype but available in near future are cars that drive by themselves. That will probably be the last station in the evolution of the cruise control system.

Traction control

Traction control

One of the most important safety systems available in modern cars is the traction control system. It is activated when the driver takes a turn but the throttle and the engine torque are not in balance. The traction control automatically activates and makes the turning much safer.

Comfort and enjoyment

Cars were always a part of the rich people’s life and designers of cars always tried to give them what they need. Over time, the demands went overboard and now we have hotel-like cars with features that normal people can only imagine. Some cars are now so spacious that people can literally sleepover inside. On top, these cars have space for food preparation, drinks, and working deck. Literally home away from home.

Sound system

Car radios date from the late 1920s but over time, car radio has evolved into something way different. Today, the car sound system is much more than just listening to the news while we drive. A standard part of the new car today is a sound system with at least two speakers, a tuner, and a CD player. However, music lovers this basic version upgrade to a system with better car speakers and a car subwoofer that really gives the car some blast. The most luxurious part of the car’s sound system is the car subwoofers. Quality here is the key. You can get a highly expensive sound system, but if you lack a quality subwoofer, the whole sound will still sound poor.


The only things old cars used electronics for was for giving a signal to the engine to start. Today, everything works on a button-driven by the car’s battery. The battery also evolved from something that is used just for starting the engine, to an engine itself. Cars running on electricity are becoming more and more popular. Also, almost everything in modern cars is made using electricity. The windows are no longer opened with a handle and the whole dashboard is now turned into a computer handling all needs for the driver controlled just by a finger touch.

Automatic gearbox

One of the most annoying things in the car used to be the gearbox. People hated the constant changing of gears every 3 seconds. This evolved into an automatic gearbox. Now the car’s computer calculates which gear is needed and automatically handles the problem without driver’s need for assistance. The only driver’s job is to watch the road.


All body parts and accessories have evolved over time to make today’s car much more than just a machine that transports us from point A to point B. Cars have become toys in which commodity and comfort are as important as safety. We can only imagine what mechanics and constructors will invent in the future if we understand that the simple car with nothing on it has evolved into a moving concert stage in less than 70 years.

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